Farm & Cidery

In December 2016 we purchased the 40 acres Janovic homestead in Columbia Valley just south of Cultus Lake. We have restored and live in the original farm house and restored the original barn.

The Cidery

In 2017 we partnered with Neufeld Brothers from Agassiz to graft and start 2,000 apple trees. Bell de Boskoop, Golden Russets, Dolgo, Dabinette and Kings were all selected by Richard Hallman and we now wait patiently. They were planted in November 2019 and should start bearing fruit in earnest in 2021. The orchard is a lovely backdrop for wedding photography. We are now embarking on building our cidery and hope it will be operational by late 2020.

The Shepherd’s Hut

Fully fitted for a night or two of romance and serenity, the Shepherd’s Hut makes for a perfect wedding night hideaway. Enjoy a glass of wine out on the deck, light a fire in the store fire-ring out front, and if there’s a chill in the air, cozy up beside the wood stove. Cook fun meals, play some music, and enjoy some well deserved peace and quiet.

The Horses

In August of 2019 we purchased Anne and Abegale – two very mischievous three-year-old Friesian draft horses from Kees & Annie Muilwijk of Muilwijk Friesians in Lacombe Alberta. With the help of many new friends in the Friesian horse community and our mentor/trainer Frederieke Hundfeld we are having great experiences learning the ropes of driving horses.

Our two beautiful Friesian horses deliver the bride and/or groom to the banquet in style, via carriage, either from the shepherd’s hut or when they arrive on site.

We have also purchased two Percherons, Duff and Flash to do some of the heavier work on the farm and hope to be haying with them next season.